We want your problems

We want your problems

At Whyable we work to turn ideas into reality. We do this by providing technology solutions to your ideas. We’d like them to have a positive impact on the world. We’d like them to help the world evolve to a more sustainable and harmonious system. We think this is possible through a considered and sensible use of technology. Or we hope it is.


In fact, like many things, we don’t really know but we do believe that our aim and mission are “Whyable”. Whyable can be defined as something which passes the test of decent scrutiny.


We want your ideas, or your problems. So send them to us here


When you send us your ideas, this is the process that we are going to go through:

1. We understand the problem, or the idea
2. We brainstorm around the idea
3. We sketch out what the solutions may look like
4. We build the one we agree is the best
5. And then we evolve it : )

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