The Whyable Impact Incubator

is created for early-stage startups and designed for delivering rapid product development, traction and seed investment within six months.


The startups who join our program must be focused on creating social and environmental change and have a strong mission to positively impact and reshape the world for the better.

Who is it for?

Startups who:
  • Are aiming to solve a significant social or environmental problem, and have a clear product concept in mind
  • Are looking for a CTO and/or Tech Team
  • Are Willing And Able To Invest their own money Into The Program and their business
  • Have basic market validation via industry understanding and/or personal, first-hand experience
  • Have a clear passion for the problem they are solving, fully dedicated to the project and are ready to commit full-time

The Incubator program provides:

  • Seed Investment – The Whyable Impact Incubator Invests Up To £20,000 in Technical Product Development And Provides Up To £10,000 Of Additional Investment Through Education, Training, And Mentorship.
  • Education, training and technology, ensuring that you learn the fundamentals of building and managing a technology business: identity analysis (understanding the mission, vision and value proposition), branding, design prototyping, Web/ Mobile Development, Businesses & Product traction (define the KPIs, marketing strategy and establish real traction), and investment readiness (pitch deck, financial model and investment strategy)
  • Access to industry experts and mentoring, covering: financial modelling, product roadmapping, commercial strategy, and fundraising
  • Office space can be provided in Bangalore for those interested in working alongside our product team over the course of the program.

How it works

  • Every month Whyable accepts two startups to join our incubator program. Applications close on December 4th, 2017.
  • Whyable will match your investment into the technical product development, and provide up to £10,000 of additional investment through education, training, and mentorship.
  • The incubation program is structured as follows: one month ideation and design prototyping; two months of product development; three months of real-world user testing, validation and traction – investment readiness within six months

Our Incubees

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